Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Every year we drive about 6 1/2 hours to Reno to visit my family.  My Grandmother and Mom and some extended family.

I grew up living very close to my Grandmother and then in my teen years I lived with her so we are very close and its always so much fun when we go and visit. 
However even though I have alot of fun while I'm there I tend to get very bored so last year I took all of my wedding stuff for my Wedding Scrapbook and worked on that while I was there.
This year I decided to take on a very special project.

I have these Picfolio Albums from Creative Memories and I'm going to put together 3 Recipe Scrapbooks.
These Albums have the slots already for you to slide your pictures in. So I thought it would be an easy way to put this together.
We are going to have some pictures, but not many. Its going to be mostly recipes.
Each of us will end up with an album when it's all done. 
My Mom really wants to have the old handwritten recipes to preserve the memory of my Great Grandmother and Grandmother.
As long as I have the recipes recorded I am happy.  I don't have to have the original or handwritten recipes.
My album is going to be more of a Traditional album. I love Tradition and in our home we have alot of them that we have started with our girls.

One of our traditions is to go Apple Picking in the fall! In recent days I found an Apple Cookie recipe that was my Great Grandmothers.  I have fond memories of my Grandma making them when I lived with her.
I will have a page that will feature this recipe.  With any luck I will get pictures of my Grandma, me and my daughter making these cookies while we are visiting so that I can have pictures of us on the same page as the recipe.

 Here are the supplies that I gathered before we went this year to take there.

Pictured here is the album and what it looks like inside.
I ordered a paper pack title "Home Cooking" and its more retro looking with the pinks and blue.
Which I didn't know when I order it, but it worked out okay because I'm using the cartridges Preserves and From my Kitchen mostly and those have a more Retro look to them.

I'm also taking Sweet Treats and a few other Carts that I thought would work well with the project.

I ordered some special medal embellishments to go with this. They are a red rolling pin, a black spalachla, a yellow toaster and a blue blender.

I will post pictures of our work in progress as well as well as pictures of the finished project.

Should be so much fun!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Designs By Laura - Family Card

Hi Everyone,
Laura sent me pictures of this beautiful card she made today.  I thought it was fabulous and it needed to be shared. 
Quick Story - I met Laura about 7 years ago at work.  Actually she interviewed me for the job I was applying for.  We hit it off immediately.  We've been buddies ever since.  So I got Laura into scrapbooking.  Now that she is "settled down" she has really gotten into the swing of things.  She got an Expression and she cannot be stopped.  I think she uses her cricut more than I do.  And that's a lot!

Here is her beautiful card.  This is the front

Here's the inside:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Create A Critter!

Hi Everyone,

 Here is a layout that I've been working on for a few days. I used my new Create a Critter Cartridge and have to say that I love this cartridge more and more every time I get a chance to use it.

This is going to be the last post of the week, Wendy and I are both off on vacation!
Next week Wendy will be posting some stuff on and off through out the week until I get back!
Enjoy the rest of the week!
Tina & Wendy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scrapbooking Room Updates

Hi Everyone,
 Pictures of Wendy's space is now up! Go check it out and let us know what you think.

 We will be adding more pictures of our space in the up coming weeks.

 Thanks Everyone!
 Wendy & Tina

Scrapbooking: Friends are a hoot!

Hi Everyone,
 Wendy had posted a few days ago that she got a few new carts and last night she got to do a little scrapbooking!
  She used her new Pasiley Cart to make the Owl for a page she 
had done a few weeks back! It turned out so cute! I love the bling she used in the middle of the flowers!
Thanks for looking,
Tina & Wendy

4th Of July Scrapbooking Layout

Hi Everyone,
 Laura is so excited to have some of her work here on the blog for everyone to check out! Here is our first Designs by Laura Post!

4th of July Layout.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Card

Hi Everyone,
 Happy Father's Day to all the great Dad's out there!
 Here is a Father's Dad Card I made last night.

I used paper that was from a paper pack from Target and I used the Create A Critter cart to make the Lion!
 Wendy came up with the little saying on the front "Your the king of our jungle"
 I of course inked the edges, chalked the lion and used googly eyes!
 I also added a little "orange peel" stickles to the nose and lion fur, and "fruit punch" pink on the ears and face. I used paper glaze on the nose and whiskers.

 The inside of the card says "Blessed indeed is the man that hears many voices calling him father"  I really love that quote.

 This morning the girls and I headed off to town and got Daddy a present! Kayla colored on some scrapbooking paper and I traced their little hands on it and wrapped up the gift!
 We had alot of fun!

Thanks everyone for hanging out with us! Enjoy Father's Day

Hello Kitty and Paisley Cart Craze

Hello Everyone,
I know I know don't be shocked, I never post anything.  I usually leave that to Tina, she is so good at keeping up on our blog.  I have to take a moment to recognize her because she is the one that designs, and creates everything on our blog.  My only purpose is to throw out the occassional idea and do minor editing.

At any rate!  I recently got two carts.  Both found on Ebay both $20 with Free Shipping.  Who could pass that up!?  I am not a huge Hello Kitty fan but I do think it's really cute... My sister in law however is an enormous Hello Kitty fan, so I know she will enjoy using this cartridge with me.  Also, I can make all of her future bday cards, and some cool gifts for her and her daughter with this cart.  Looking forward to that.

Also got the Paisley cart.  It is adorable, has lots of different stuff on it.  Really have been looking for an owl, and it has two very cute little owls.  I had a LO I did quite some time ago named "Friends are a Hoot" and it was just missing the perfect touch, which was an owl!  So now I can cut that out.

On a side note - two amazing friends of mine got me cartridges.  My friend Laura who had a guest post on here earlier this week, got me a basketball cart for $10 at WalMart and Tina got me the Baseball cart on Ebay.  My husband plays basketball in the fall and winter and softball in the summer... so these carts are pretty essential to my collection.

Well it's Fathers Day and we have one great Daddy in our house to honor.  So I am signing off for now to go celebrate the day out at the lake.
Happy Crafting,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Scrapbooking Easter Layout

Hi Everyone,
 As you can see I've been hard at work on our blog and lots has been changed and there have been many post in recent days.
 I hope you are enjoying our blog as it is finally coming into its own.

 Here is a LO I did awhile ago. Its of Easter and the lighting in my room suck so you can't tell, but the pink is the same paper on both side. Thanks for looking.

Srapbooking: Soccer Layout

Hi Everyone,
 Here is a LO from Wendy's friend Laura - This LO is awesome!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scrapbooking Layout: Baby Page

Here is a layout that I did for Violets album with my new Create a Critter Cartridge.
The paper on the left side was hand picked from Joann's.  It had flowers on one side and the green stripes on the other.
I used hand picked "petty cash" from Michaels for the soild color (mine and Wendy's most useful solid).
The flowers are from Walk In My Garden Cart!
This is the first layout I used my Cuttlebug on. I used a small heart folder to emboss the flowers and the head of the ladybug!
I also used SCAL for "Months Old" and my Creative Memories Heart punch for the little heart.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For The Love of Paper!

Hi Everyone,
 I guess it's no secret that I love paper, I mean I LOVE paper! Everything about scrapbooking paper. Its so much fun going and looking through it, finding new designs, finding matching designs, putting papers together, thinking of the pictures they would go with.
 I'm so into paper that I will often take pictures of some event because I have paper that I've found that I can't wait to use.

 So I found this new line of paper! Its called Carolee Designs.

Here are a few designs I just recently picked up over at Cute Creations .  First,  I love this website. I've order from them twice now. There shipping is a little high. Its a standard $13.95 no matter what you order, but there paper is between 15 cents and 25cents so both times I've order my total in product has been about $13.00 so when you break  that down you are getting paper for about 30 cents a piece. Which is still very good because all of this paper is by good designers. Bobunny, Karen Foster and the recently added Carolee. 

The great thing that I discovered about the Carolee Design paper is that if you flip the paper over,  in the corner there is a list of other matching papers that will go with each design.  That makes it very easy to mix and match designs. Not all Scrapbooking paper has this, so often times it can be hard to pick what goes with certain designs, or to pick colors that will go nicely together. This takes the guess work out of picking paper.

Wendy use to say she had a harder time choosing different designs of paper that go together in one layout.  My advice was always to get started use polka dots and stripes together. This is a great way to start and it will help you get comfortable with mixing and matching papers.
She was given advice at Heart2Heart Memories to put small prints together with larger prints. That has seemed to work for her as she has been able to mix more patterned paper in recent days.
Also placing a soild color print between patterns is a great way to break it up and add layers.

My next adventure in paper:

Last week I posted that I went over and helped a friend organize some paper so here are a few pictures from that adventure:

This was how things looked when we got started. The 1st picture is of her soilds. Which we didn't even get to. I got to her house about 10am and I didn't leave until after 6. We took a short 45 min break for lunch. It was an all day project.

I love organizing paper, so this was so much fun for me.
We started by taking all her paterned paper (and she had a lot of it) and spreading it out on the floor.

Side Note: Here is the thing about organizing paper. It has to work for the person whos paper it is.
I have a way that works for me. I have what I call my "Foundation Paper" and then I keep most of my paper packs together, and then paper that I hand pick is together.
My Foundation paper includes Stripes, poka dots, holidays, words, birthdays, events, etc
That way when I'm working on a Layout or a project I can go and look through my stripes or poka dots to find something that goes together.
(For more information regarding my system please shoot me an email)

OK back to business.  When orgainzing paper it has to work for you, you are the one that will be looking through it and trying to find what you need, so this is what I stressed to Christie (the friend that I helped).
For her we did a section of Foundation paper and then she has bins that she keeps projects in. She is working on her wedding/honeymoon right so she kept all that paper together.
Her patterned paper looked much like her soild paper did. Here is the after shot ofr her paper.

This was about half of her paper.

I also suggest that when sorting through paper you are open to getting rid of what you are not going to use. I love paper, so I'm always going to be buying paper.
An easy way to get rid of extra paper is only keeping 2 pieces of each patterned paper.
Most paper packs/stacks come with 3 to 4 sheets of each pattern paper, so one thing Christie did was go through and only keep 2 of each piece unless she knew she would need more than 2 pieces for something specific.

Here is a picture about half way through the day of the paper she was getting rid of.

All in all we got alot done, most of patterned paper got organized and put together. We have plans to work on her soilds and finish another time.
It was a long day and for me it was so much fun, I think she was glad when it was over. She had way more paper than she realized.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wendy's Visit

Hi Everyone,
 Okay so Wendy got here on Thursday at around 2 and we had a great time. She was only able to stay until Friday!
 Thursday night we watched the 1st Sex In The City Movie and sorted all her paper! All I've been doing all week is sorting paper :)
 Her paper amount about doubled when left because I had a ton of paper for her.
 And would you believe that we never even took one picture. I can't believe that we forgot!

 However I do have pictures of my other adventure in paper sorting that I will be posting later.

 And also there have been updates over on our Cartridge Discovery page!

 Thanks for looking everyone,
 Tina and Wendy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hi Everyone,
 It's been a few days since our last post and lots is happening.
 First here is a little website Wednesday Info : http://www.craftjunkietoo.com/ - This is an awesome, awesome blog! I found this one the other day when I was over at the Cricut Message board.
 So check this one out! Lots of videos and the monogram card she just posted is awesome. Its beautiful and simple and would be perfect for so many things.

 Second, yesterday I spent the day with a friend organizing all her paper and believe me she has paper. I had a great time doing this, but I love organizing paper. I think she was a bit overwhelmed with all of it, but we made it through. I was at her house from 10:30 until 5:00 and we only took about a 40 min break for lunch.
 I didn't even get to do her solid paper, we only worked on her patterned paper.
 I have lots of pictures I have to get off my phone and when I do will post them.

 And the most exciting news of all Wendy will be heading up tomorrow evening and will be here with me at my house for a few days and we will be organizing all her paper!

 So we will be taking pictures of that and posting some next week.
 So happy crafting to everyone this week!

Wendy and Tina
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