Monday, July 26, 2010

Scrapbooking Layouts

Good Afternoon Everyone,

 Can you believe that I'm still deep in the scrapbooking mood! So lets start with some updates!

 Wendy and I were finally able to connect! We did sit down for about 2 hours last night. I scraped and she started to scrap!
 Things are pretty busy right now on Wendy's end so I don't know when we can expect to see any projects from her. She is working on some gifts right now so we might not be seeing any finished project from her for awhile.

 She did get to scrap with Laura yesterday and we will be have some more Designs By Laura to post this week.

 I'm really excited about some of things we are going to post this week. Our website Wednesday post is amaizing and I can't wait to share it with you! We are going to talk about Photo's and Photo Storage this week. This is a fitting topic since I should be getting about 400 pictures in the mail any day now.

 Also I'm hard at work in my scrapbook space/room. I get this itch to get things organized and put away and stored better every once in awhile and that mood has it again so I will be feature some more pictures of my space.

 Also we have added a tap up top for Video's! This is something I really would love to take on so I'm hoping that soon there will be Video's up. I'm having a blast watching stuff on Youtube and blogs while I'm scrapbooking.

 So here is where all my projects stand:
 Our family album is 1 layout away from be caught up. Now by caught up I mean I've scraped all pictures/cards/etc that I have.
 Violet's 1st year album is in need of about 5 Layouts
 I currently have 4 Holiday/Gift Projects that need to be started.
 1 Birthday project that needs to be done and finished in the next few weeks.

So my list of stuff is winding down! Yea
Here are a few things I did over the weekend.

On Saturday I did this set of Cards. All I have left is to finish put the ribbon on the rest of the cards.
Here are what they look like.

I love the way they turned out

Here is a single Layout I did for our Family Album Saturday Night.
Its called: "You and Me - Together forever"
I used Graphically Speaking. Which I must add that I never thought I would want this cartridge, but as it turns out, it is an awesome cartridge.

Here are a few cards that I made with the left over paper fromt he page.
This is an awesome way to make cards. When I first started Scrapbooking I didn't have any desire to make cards. I didn't really understand how to make cards. Then I decided to start taking left over paper at the end of a scrapbooking layout and making cards.
This makes it easy because I already love the paper, have all the paper out that is going to match and alot of times the odd shapes or angles of paper I have left will fit into a card very easily.

On the other hand if you are into card making and are not sure you understand Scrapbooking just think about a scrapbooking layout as if it were the base for the front of your card.

Here is the last layout I did. This one is the one I did last night. I was a little bummed because I had been planning to pull a really last night and I had wanted to get at least 3 Layouts done but I ended up putting alot of time into this one and it took a little bit more thought than I first had intended.

This is by far one of my favorite Layouts. Again I hate the lighting in my scrapbooking room and if anyone knows of any better way to take pictures and have better lighting please let me know. The lighting/picture doesn't really show how pretty this layout came out.
I used the Easter Seasonal Cartridge for everything.
I used Don Juan for the letters for April

That is our update for Monday! I hope every one had a wonderful weekend and that this week will be awesome! Check back with us all this week for great information and maybe even some blog candy if I can get it listed.
Thanks Evryone,

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Sketch! - TGIF

Hi Everyone,
 I thought this was fitting since is Friday!
 This is my side of our sketch. I don't know when Wendy is going to have hers done, she said she was having a hard time with this one.
 Let us know what you think.

I used a paper pack that all blues, browns and green!
I used Zooballoo for the font and brackets  (I had always wanted to use brackets but never really knew how. In this Layout I had the idea right away and it turned out pretty good)
The Flower and Brad are just from my stash and the words on the tag and squares were from Creative Memories.
I chose not to journal this page and just leave it as is!

Thanks everyone for looking! I'm looking forward to seeing what Wendy comes up with!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Organization Tip Thursday!

Hi Everyone,
 Here is a little Organizational Tip/Product Information!
 This is a few pictures of where I keep my paper.

These bins are only $3.00 at Walmart right now and they are in tons of different colors. I started buying these about 3 years ago and they were $5.00 and only came in black and then one time they only had this bright green. (I really wish they were all black. I HATE it that they don't match)

In the very top I have paper sorted but then under my paper in each of the other bins I have other stuff stored in them. One has some fabric for my living room, one has Easter decor, the other one has some home decor I've made for different seasons and stuff.
Wendy recently bought one that is a really pretty pink!
Her paper is done the same way as mine but she had her sitting on a table the last time I talked to her she was ditching the table to go for the stacked looked that would give her more storage in the end!
Thanks Everyone,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Cricut Box"

Hi Everyone,
 Quick Story!
 I'm sitting the living room at home and my 2 1/2 year old daughter comes running in the house and is saying: "Cricut Box, Cricut Box"
 I say to her "Cricut Box?"
 She then pulls me outside to show me "Cricut Box"
 When I get outside she is pointing the Mail Man's Truck as it is going by.
 I now have to explain to her that everytime the mail man comes he is NOT bringing us a cricut box.
 Sad but true!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scrapbooking Sketch#10

Hi Everyone,
 Here is our 10th sketch. I'm not sure when Wendy is going to be able to get hers done she is very busy these days, but we will try and get something of hers posted soon.
 I'm hoping to be able to skype with her a little bit tonight.

 Here it is

This isn't our design we are just scrapin' it
Thanks Everyone,

Grab your Coffee and Lets Talk!

Good Morning Everyone,
 Well its I am and I've been in my room now for 12 hours! I've taken a few brakes here and there but for the most part I've been crazy scrappin'

 So I did 3 double sided layouts and 3 cards! I'm starting to feel like maybe I can get everything under control!

Here is the project I did with the bee paper that I posted early.  This paper is super cute and Wendy got the paper for me some place! Also these pictures are of my daughter Kayla and Wendy's daughter Macie. 

I used Create A Critter for the bee and cut it at 5 1/2 I also cut the beehive at 5 inches.
I used walk in my garden for the mini bee on the paper clip.
The title was cut with SCALS

This really is my new favorite thing to do. I just use large paper clips and then I cut whatever I need very small, I then glue the paper clip to the paper.
It is super cute and I love it.

So here are the cards I made with the left over paper scraps from that paper. The paper was so cute I just could throw it away, or put away in my scraps.

Here is the 2nd layout I did. Back in November of last year, right after I gave birth to my second daughter I got very sick and was in the hospital in a medically induced coma for a month.
When I came home in early December I had alot of recovering to do.  While recovering about 80 percent of my hair fell out.  This was a side effect of being in a coma and very ill. This was so hard for as I've been growing it out now  for 6 years.
These pictures are of me getting it cut! I used a quote that said "The key to change is to let go of fear" I loved that. Scrapbooking these pictures really has helped me to let go of what use to be and move on to the future.
I am so blessed to be alive and that is what I must always remember.

I got to use my Forever Young Cartridge that I've had for over a month and hadn't used.
This Cartridge is so fun and you can use it for a million things.
I cut the girl at 11 inches! Isn't she beautiful.

Here is my 3rd Layout and its of my daughter and I cooking with our matching aprons.
I used From My Kitchen for all my cuts and the flower paper is more paper that Wendy gave me.

And here is the last thing I did tonight  
 This is a card that I did for a family member that just had a baby last week.
It wasn't what I had pictured but lets face its 1 in the morning! This was the best I had.
I used scraps from the last Layout.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and checking out all of our projects. I noticed that our blog is growing like crazy! We couldn't be happier.
I'm hoping to post some projects this week and we are planning a fun give away once we hit 50 followers.

Night Everyone

Monday, July 19, 2010

Not finished yet!

Hi Everyone,
 Well I started at 1 this afternoon and I've been going strong every since!
 Of course I had to stop a few times here and there for the kids, dinner and my nightly walk!
 So far today I have got 2 double sided Layouts done andd 2 cards.
 I just cleaned up the table to hit another project head on and I plan to post all the pictures tomorrow so don't forget to stop by in the morning!

 Update on Wendy she texted me about an hour ago and was an hour and half away from home and she said she was ready to be home and that she might give me a call before she went to bed. I'm hoping so!
 I can't wait to hear all about Disneyland and her fun weekend with the girls!

Night Everyone,

Monday's Projects!

Hi Everyone,
 I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I'm so excited about this week starting. I should have my new pictures sometime next week so this week I'm going to work hard on getting to a point with all my "projects" were I feel things are back to manageable! Wish me luck with that.

 So its about 1 in the afternoon and I'm done with all the household things and I'm starting in on projects.
 Here is my 1st project. Any guesses as to what I'm going to do with these 3 pieces of paper?

 I will post the finished product as soon as I'm done.
 Lets see how much of my list I get through this week!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Valentine's Day Scrapbooking Layout: Getting Caught Up

Hi Everyone,
 Well it is a little difficult to get scrapbooking done in the middle of the day with two little ones, but I'm finding its doable!

 I've been in and out of my room all day and here is what I finished!

 This is our Valentines Day Layout and I started working on this Layout about 2 months ago and realized that I really wanted the Turtles on Create A Critter. So I had to wait until 

I got that Cartridge to finished.
 The paper is from a Valentines Paper Pack I got at Michaels.
 I used Mini Monograms for the V and my SCALs program for the rest of the letters.
 I used Create a Critter for the Turtles and Padogo for the Dragonflies.
 The small metal charms I got at Michael's and they were marked way down. I got the packs for about 40 cents a piece.

And here is a close up of the one of the Turtles!

I used my Cuttlebug to emboss the turtles body and then I chalked them and used googly eyes. I really love the Create a Critter Cartridge but I am finding that I'm using a ton of black paper with the Cartridge.
I'm on to another Layout for our Family Album and I'm hoping to at least get paper picked and it layed out before both of the girls get up for a nap.

I emailed Wendy this morning and I got a quick email back from her (sent from her new blackberry) that said they were having a blast at Disneyland. She went with her Mother-In-Law, Sister-In-Law and her daughter, So Wendy and Macie are enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon at Disneyland. I can't wait to see pictures and skype with her while she scraps them.

Happy Sunday To Everyone,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm missing Wendy

Hi Everyone,
 Just a quick note today!
 I am missing Wendy.... she has been very busy the past few weeks and with my internet going down last week we haven't not been doing much together! Of course we have talked (we talk 90 times a day about everything and about nothing!)
 She just hasn't had time to do much scrapin'
 She is very bust with 2 jobs, a house, a husband, a beautiful daughter and two crazy families!
 So here is just a small pat on the back for her, she is amazing and admire all that she does everyday!
 I can't wait to have some girl time with her scrapbooking!

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Premade Cricut Layouts

Hi Everyone,

 Here are a few new Premade Layouts I've done.


Gifts & Organization

Hi Everyone,
 So I know I posted a Card and a Covered Cricut Box a little bit ago, but here is another.

It seems like is one of my favorite new things to do. I have covered cricut boxes for EVERYTHING!
This is a Birthday Card and a Box for a Birthday.

However I've covered them in my Scrapbooking room for lots of stuff. Here are a just a few.

I've covered 5 of them that sit on my a shelf directly in front of me (here are 3) they all match and they hold things like metal embellishments, Paper Clip embellishments, Tags, Frames, Punch outs from Paper packs, Large Flowers, Gift Packs, Etc.

I recently unmounted all my wooden stamps. This not a new concept as I found the information over at Robyn's Page - 
My Pink Stamper She has a video on how to do this.
Anyhow I was trying to find a better way to store my stamps and came up this idea.
I covered the boxes in plain white paper and put the stamps in the boxes.

Each box is something different:
Vacation, Sayings, Holidays, Flowers, Love, Etc 
After doing this I stamped on the box using which ever stamp was inside the box. 

I'm not finished with this project as it is alot of work but I'm so glad I did it. I would recommend doing this to your wooden stamps and it really would work for someone with limited storage space. You don't have to store them in Cricut boxes. Alot of people I have seen store them in CD jewel case (one lady said she got like 300 from Free Cycle of course for FREE) 


Wendy recently had a great idea for Cricut Boxes as well. She covered one for her daughter's pens and markers. I thought this was an awesome idea so I did the same and I keep my daughters in her Chruch Bag. (This is a bag we have set aside with fun little activities and fun stuff she gets to take to church with her to keep her busy)

So there you have it, many great ways to use those old Cricut Boxes if you store your Cartridges any other way.
Also if you still haven't been inspired to use those boxes and you are still throwing them out please send us an email at as we are always on the look out for empty boxes!

Happy Scrapin'

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scrapbooking "Sisters" Layout

Hi Everyone,
 Part of this Layout you have already seen, it was part of my last Sketch.
 I have found that I love doing sketches and hanging them up in my Scrapbooking room. It provides a great way for me to use pictures that haven't made it to a scrapbook or a project and it gives me some inspiration  while I'm in here.
 I'm use to just doing a single page for our sketches.
 This time I thought I would try something different and do a double Layout with the sketch!
 I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blog Candy

Don't forget about our Blog Candy!
We posted a posted early this Month called "Wishin' and a Prayin'" and we offered some blog candy, so please head over to the post and leave us a comment or two!

Wendy & Tina

Our 9th Sketch

Hi Everyone,
Its Tina here! I'm still deep in the middle of Internet Issues! Who knew that one needed the internet so bad! What did people ever do without. I don't understand.  It's like when the power goes out and you still walk in a room and try to turn the light switch on... I have to pay a bill and go to the computer and realize... DUH I don't have internet.

It's been forever since Wendy and I have even been able to really talk, let alone do any kind of project together.
Its sad to say, but I'm not even sure if she has scrapped anything recently.

Here is our 9th Sketch.  I picked it out on vacation.

 Wendy has already done hers and here is another look at it. (This was posted in an early post: So Happy Together)

These are the Layouts that Wendy did while we were scrapbooking over the 4th of July!

**** Hi Everyone it's me Wendy, Tina likes me to tell about my LO's... So the 4th of July LO is hand picked paper from Crafters Warehouse in Washington and a flourish SVG I found online on both of them below.  Cut with SCALs of course.  LOVE SCALS!  Anyway, loved this LO was one of my favorite sketches I've done****

 Here is mine:
 I used paper from a paper pack I got a Ross it was the Best of Something (I can't remember the name now)
 I used a new product on this page, The Flower was a plain white flower and I used this stuff colled "Foam Glo Paint" I don't know if you ever heard of it, I got in Michaels on clearence and is sort of puffy and it glos in the dark (not why I wanted) but it also pretty in the light.
 I used my SCALs for the title "Sisters" and the font is called "BlackBerry"
 I used Story book for the florish above the flower.

 They say my new hardware for my computer/internet is one it sway and will be here on Thursday. So I'm hoping to be up and running again soon.

 Thanks for hanging out with us.
 Tina  & Wendy

Monday, July 12, 2010

A few things I picked up on vacation ...

 Tina here again. I love finding scrapbooking deals and shopping for new stuff! I was lucky enough to find some great stuff on vacation.
 First I had been looking for the New Lite Cartridges around where I lived, but I never had any luck. When I was on vacation I made sure to check at any Walmarts I came across. I was lucky enough to find a Walmart that had them all. I got 3 of them.   Thank you Grandma!
 Handy Man, Block Party and B is for Boy.
 I used Blocked Party a lot for my Recipe Book Project.
 The other two I have not used yet.

 My other big purchases were cuttlebug folders. I got about 8 and I can't wait to use them. I used some of them at with a rolling pin while at my Grandma's just to try them out and they are awesome.

 I even found some great items on sale! I was at Ross in Carson City and found 2 paper packs 1 I got for $1.00 and the other I got for $2.00.
 And I picked up a few pieces of paper at Michaels while they were having there 7 for a $1.00 sale.

I'm always on the look out for great deals and most of the time I'm lucky and find good ones.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

So Happy Together!

Hi Everyone,

 One of my stops on our vacation was at Wendy's! We got to spend the 3rd of July together! We walked with our girls together in the 4th of July Parade and then we went to the Fireworks together and saw some old friends that we hadn't seen in years! It was a blast!!
 Then we spent the 4th of July Scrapbooking together!

 We had to first get all set up with the most important items: Chips, Salsa (from our favorite mexican restaurant) and a little Sex In The City for our viewing pleasure!  (Love this scene)

Then it was on to the Scrapbooking!

Wendy got alot done that day, she started working on our last sketch and she was working on a project she does every year for Christmas gifts for her family!
I was working on a Birthday Card and Gift.
Here are the finished projects:
Wendy's Layouts

I made the card using Forever Young and the Owl Wendy made using Create A Critter and I cut out the branch that goes with it. The Owl and branch was Wendy's idea. I wanted to put the girls name on it that it was for but Wendy said that would look stupid... LOL ... So I didn't do it!

So all in all we had a wonderful time hanging out and scrapbooking. We wish we had more days like this together.  It would be nice if we could do this once a week, but 3 hours apart does not allow for that! Skype will have to work for now.

Wendy & Tina

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back Home and Project Updates

Hi Everyone,
 So I'm back home and I have some updates.
 First we had a wonderful vacation! It was great getting to see family and friends and just take a brake from everyday life.

 Here are some pictures from the Recipe Project I did at my Grandmas.
 This project was a lot of fun, my intention was to have it done the week I was there, but that didn't happen.

 I wanted to preserve some old family recipes, what I learned was that it's very difficult trying to understand what people were thinking 30 something years ago.

 Here is my Grandma and my Mom and me going through all the old Recipes and trying to figure out what we wanted to used.

My Mom and I had very different ideas on how we might put this together. I thought we could type out all the recipes, preserve the old copys and use some of them for accent pieces in the albums and then maybe use some as decor, or embellishments. My Mom on the other hand didn't want to do anything to "damange" any of them.

On mine I am going to type out all of the recipes.  I want to use mine to include our family traditions.  Not just a recipe book.
My Moms is going to include the original hand written recipes and my Grandma decided that quote "I'm going to die soon anyways so there really is no point in doing one for me. You can just have whatever recipes and pictures you need. I know all the recipes by heart and the pictures are just collecting dust in a box." (End Quote)  Way to be a Debbie Downer Grandma! :-)

So that was that.

I also decided to bring the albums home to finish. Here is what they look like so far.

This Coke pages was done for a recipe that is from my great grandmother and its called a Coke Cake. It includes a can of coke!

Also I wasn't sure when I started this project how I was going to do that Layout. I decided on a die cut of some sort in the top corner and bottom corner.
 I used From My Kitchen the most.

Let me know what you think - Tina
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